Track/Wall Sawing

The fastest and most precise method for cutting openings in concrete structures such as walls, floors and on inclined surfaces.

Wall Sawing can be both a noisy and a dusty job but don’t worry our fully trained (CSCS) employed staff can effectively manage all your requirements.

The system consists of a track mounted cutting head and diamond blade, which is powered by a hydraulic or electric motor. The cut is made as the blade is progressively fed into the concrete making a series of passes until the required depth is achieved.

• Precise cuts
• Smooth cut face (little or no making good required)
• Fast cutting speed
• Flush cutting available
• Capable of cuttng depths up to 1005mm
• Purpose-built track saws for all applications
• Create openings in vertical and steep inclines

If you require wall/track sawing anywhere in Nottingham, East Midlands or anywhere in the UK all we ask is that you give us a call to discuss your requirements. No matter how big, small or unusual the work is with our years of experience we can help.

We offer an efficient & professional service and always look to keep the dust and noise to an absolute minimum.