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Brokk Remote Demolition Specialists

SACC Services safely and effectively uses remote demolition equipment in the most dangerous or difficult to reach places

Some demolition jobs require heavy equipment in small, confined spaces, which can often be difficult if not impossible with regular cranes or heavy machinery. This is where our Brokk remote demolition specialists can help. Using specialised equipment allows us to remove concrete from difficult to reach or dangerous places with more accuracy and power than regular hand tools.

Dedicated, hard-working, professional demolition experts

With over 20 years of experience in concrete demolition and with some of the most advanced remote demolition equipment on the market, we’re able to remove concrete quickly and efficiently.

Need our help? Get in touch and we’ll send one of our specialists round to assess the work.

  • Nottingham-based remote demolition specialists able to work throughout the UK
  • Specialists in robotic concrete demolition
  • Advanced equipment
  • Fully CSCS and Brokk trained staff
  • Free assessments before we start work
  • Competitive quotes for every job, regardless of what’s required
  • Need technical expertise? We’re happy to chat

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What is robotic demolition?

Robotic demolition services use an advanced type of remotely operated crane to handle heavier tasks. This equipment is controlled by our trained specialists, allowing them to bring heavy, but precise machinery into small or hard-to-reach places.

Since the robots are electrically powered, they can be used inside enclosed spaces, due to the lack of emissions given off.

This remote controlled equipment is often used in areas where there might be a higher risk of falling rocks or in harmful areas, such as damaged structures and even radioactive areas. They’re also tracked, with a powerful motor to drive them up rubble or stairs, making them ideal for getting to the areas that humans would struggle to access.

Why Choose Us

  • We offer diamond drilling services in Nottingham and the UK
  • Every contract is assessed by one of our specialists
  • Experts in concrete drilling in all conditions
  • We use cutting-edge tools, in more ways than one!
  • All of our staff are CSCS qualified
  • Incredibly competitive quotes on every contract we do
  • Free technical advice when you need it — just give us a call
  • Fully insured and qualified employees

Need help removing concrete?

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