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Concrete Sawing Services Nationwide

SA Concrete Cutting Services LTD offer a range of professional concrete sawing services, 365 days a year including evenings and weekends. With over 20 years experience in concrete sawing and are conveniently located in Nottingham allowing us to serve the whole of the UK from our midlands based office.

Operating our own fleet, running the latest machines, we are confident we can meet your site requirements and customer expectations. Our fully trained, employed & experienced staff use the latest techniques and all of our staff are CSCS qualified and Face Fit Tested with FFP3 masks as required by the HSE.

If you require Concrete Sawing in Nottingham, East Midlands or anywhere else in the UK all we ask is that you give us a call to discuss your requirements. We operate in all the major cities like Birmingham, Manchester & London on a regular basis as well as remote locations with the UK.

We offer an efficient & professional service and always look to keep the dust and noise to an absolute minimum. No matter how big, small or unusual the work is with our years of experience we can help.

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Concrete Sawing Services

Diamond Wire Sawing

Diamond wire sawing uses a long, high tensile wire that’s studded with diamond material. This allows it to cleanly slice through a solid block of concrete of significant thickness in less than an hour depending on the size of the block.

Thanks to the sharpness of the diamond wire, it can even cut through steel-reinforced concrete easily.

Floor Sawing

Using a large, diamond-tipped circular saw, our floor sawing services are perfect for cutting large, precise lines into concrete, granite, or asphalt.

They’re often used for laying pipes across roads, but can also be used to cut sections of concrete flooring out of buildings with ease.

Track Sawing/Wall Sawing

rack sawing (also known as wall sawing) is one of the most precise ways to cut holes into hardened concrete materials.

It’s ideal for creating doorways on vertical or steep angles and, since they can be remotely operated

Why Choose Us

  • We offer diamond drilling services in Nottingham and the UK
  • Every contract is assessed by one of our specialists
  • Experts in concrete drilling in all conditions
  • We use cutting-edge tools, in more ways than one!
  • All of our staff are CSCS qualified
  • Incredibly competitive quotes on every contract we do
  • Free technical advice when you need it — just give us a call
  • Fully insured and qualified employees

Need help removing concrete?

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