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Your first choice for floor sawing services in Nottingham and the rest of the UK

Floor sawing is an effective way to cut through horizontal reinforced concrete or granite without the need for heavy machinery. Thanks to the precision of using a large spinning circular blade, it’s ideal for roadworks and other jobs that require clean lines cut through concrete up to half a metre thick.

The UK’s floor sawing specialists

We’ve provided specialist concrete removal services for over 20 years, building up a long list of satisfied clients as we go. Whatever the job, give us a call and we’ll send round one of our specialists to assess the work needed. We’ll always provide a competitive quote and make sure the work is completed as quickly as possible.

    • Fast, cost-effective floor sawing services from our specialists
    • Able to cut depths of up to 50 cm and widths of 20 mm
    • We’ll send a specialist to your location to assess the work required
    • All our specialists are qualified with CSCS
    • We always offer competitive quotes, regardless of the work required
    • Need technical advice? We’re happy to help — just get in touch

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What is floor sawing?

Floor sawing uses a large, spinning, diamond-tipped circular blade to cut a precise line through concrete or asphalt up to half a metre deep. They’re mainly used for road works, creating trenches for cables or pipes, or for removing large sections of concrete flooring which can then be broken up with heavier machinery.

We use both interior and exterior floor sawing machines, depending on the location of the contract. Our interior saws are powered by electric motors, which ensure no fumes are given off; ideal for enclosed spaces, whereas exterior saws use diesel engines to spin the blade.

Despite the size of the saws, the amount of dust and mess left behind is minimal and we aim to minimise any disturbance during the work. If noise is an issue, let us know and we’ll ensure the work is finished as quickly and as quietly as possible.

Why Choose Us

  • We offer diamond drilling services in Nottingham and the UK
  • Every contract is assessed by one of our specialists
  • Experts in concrete drilling in all conditions
  • We use cutting-edge tools, in more ways than one!
  • All of our staff are CSCS qualified
  • Incredibly competitive quotes on every contract we do
  • Free technical advice when you need it — just give us a call
  • Fully insured and qualified employees

Need help removing concrete?

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