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About SA Concrete Cutting Services

Find out more about the UK’s concrete cutting and removal experts

Who are we?

SACC services are the UK’s go-to concrete cutting and removal experts. With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve worked on some of the most difficult and complex contracts in the country.

Based in Nottingham but serving the entirety of the UK, it’s our job to ensure you get a fast, cost-effective, quality concrete removal service — whenever and wherever you need it.

You can rely on SACC Services. All our staff are fully qualified with CSCS and use advanced plant and concrete removal equipment to ensure the job’s done properly.

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What do we do?

Diamond drilling

Diamond drilling uses a specialised, diamond-tipped drill to cut cylindrical holes in the toughest materials you’ll find on a building site. They’re perfect for making small openings for pipes and cables, or for larger openings using the stitch drilling technique.

Concrete Crunching

Concrete crunching is one of the best ways to chew through hard sections of concrete. Using a super-strong hydraulic metal claw, the concrete is crunched up into small pieces, making removal easy. This type of concrete removal is also relatively quiet, making it ideal for use in built-up and urban areas.

Robotic Demolition

Remote demolition is perfect for when you need heavier machinery, but in a small enclosed area. These robots are controlled remotely by our trained operators and are the perfect solution for removing concrete on unsafe building sites, or where there is a danger of falling rubble. Since they can also be fitted with a variety of drills and equipment, they’re perfect for adding more of a punch than regular handheld tools, too.

Hydraulic Concrete Bursting

Hydraulic concrete bursting uses a specialised tool to break up concrete from the inside out. A small hole is drilled with our diamond drills before the concrete burster is placed inside. The burster then uses hundreds of tonnes of force to push the concrete apart. This makes it much easier to then break down and remove the concrete, using handheld tools with minimal dust being given off.

Diamond wire sawing

Diamond wire sawing uses a hardened metal wire embedded with sharp, diamond-hard material. This is then used to slice through steel-reinforced concrete slabs of almost any size in a short amount of time. It’s ideal for very small spaces where any kind of heavy machinery would be unable to get to or make the area unsafe to work in. Since the equipment also uses a waterjet, it reduces the amount of concrete dust that is given off.

Floor sawing

Using a large, circular, diamond-tipped saw, we can cut long lines in even the hardest concrete. The floor concrete saw is able to cut extremely precise lines up to half a metre in depth and is ideal for removing large sections of concrete, asphalt, or rock-hard material. Since we also use both electric and diesel saws, we can also cut concrete both inside and outside.

Wall/Track sawing

Similar to floor sawing, wall and track sawing uses large circular saws to cut precise holes in vertical or angled concrete. They are perfect for cutting door spaces, elevator shafts and staircases precisely. Since these saws don’t use any percussive force, there’s also no damage done to the surrounding building.

Why Choose Us

  • We offer diamond drilling services in Nottingham and the UK
  • Every contract is assessed by one of our specialists
  • Experts in concrete drilling in all conditions
  • We use cutting-edge tools, in more ways than one!
  • All of our staff are CSCS qualified
  • Incredibly competitive quotes on every contract we do
  • Free technical advice when you need it — just give us a call
  • Fully insured and qualified employees

Just get in touch, tell us what needs doing, and we’ll send round one of our experts to assess the job.

SACC Services is here to help contact our diamond drilling specialists for a free quote

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