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Hydraulic Concrete Bursting

Hydraulic concrete bursting services from the specialists in Nottingham and the UK

Using a specialised tool to create structural cracks in large blocks of concrete, hydraulic concrete bursting is one of the most effective ways to remove concrete in a non-disruptive way, avoiding damage to any surrounding areas.

Concrete removal from the specialists in Nottingham

We’ve always gone the extra mile to provide fast, effective ways to remove large amounts of concrete with the minimal amount of disruption. With over 20 years of experience and with the right tools for the job, we can help you with your specific demolition needs.

  • Concrete bursting services in Nottingham and the UK
  • Each and every job is assessed by one of our specialists
  • Advanced and modern tools ensure you get the best result possible
  • All our specialists are qualified with CSCS
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What is Hydraulic Concrete Bursting?

Concrete bursting uses an extremely powerful hydraulic tool to create large cracks in concrete blocks, without relying on heavy machinery, pneumatic drills, or noisy demolition equipment. After causing these cracks, it’s extremely easy to break up and remove the blocks, using other hand tools. It’s one of the most safe, effective and non-disruptive ways of removing large quantities of concrete quickly. The tool is also portable enough to be moved into small or difficult to reach places, too.

After pre-drilling a hole into the concrete using a diamond drill, the bursting tool is placed inside, where it puts hundreds of tonnes of force into the surrounding rock to break it up. Concrete bursting can be used on large blocks of concrete up to a few metres thick and, since the breaking up can be carefully managed, any damage to the surrounding building can be avoided entirely.

Diamond Drilling Nottingham

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  • We offer diamond drilling services in Nottingham and the UK
  • Every contract is assessed by one of our specialists
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