Brokk Remote Control Robotic Demolition

We provide a comprehensive demolition service, using remote control Brokk.
It is safe and fast for removal of concrete from small and large scale operations, leaving a clear and structurally safe environment for the next stage of the project.

Remote controlled demolition is ideally used in confined spaces i.e. inside buildings however it can also be used in a majority of situations because it they are so effective saving time and money. Whether is be crunching, breaking or lifting the Brokk robotic demolition machine is very very effective. Remote control operated, with the operator at a safe distance, minimises danger to operator from falling rubble or debris. Also avoids hand arm vibration and allows access to areas not possible with traditional methods.

The Brokk’s impressive power to weight ratio allows accessibility within buildings and confined spaces, it can even track up staircases. It has exceptional breaking out forces and can demolish precise areas within a fraction of the time of traditional methods, delivering savings in both time and money to the customer.

Brokk has been the leading manufacturer of remote controlled demolition machines for over 35 years and here at Birmingham Diamond Drilling we make full use of them in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

All of our staff our CSCS trained and our Brokk operatives have been through the relevant Brokk training courses to effectively manage your demolition requirements.

With over 20 years experience and conveniently located within the midlands why not put us to the test ?

If you require remote controlled robotic demolition anywhere in Nottingham, East Midlands or anywhere in the UK all we ask is that you give us a call to discuss your requirements. No matter how big, small or unusual the work is with our years of experience we can help.

We offer an efficient & professional service and always look to keep the dust and noise to an absolute minimum.