Floor Sawing

Floor sawing is a quick and efficient method consists of a circular diamond blade mounted on a spindle and powered by a diesel, petrol or 3 phase electrical source (depending on site restrictions) used to cut horizontal flat surfaces such as roads, pavements, runways, car parks, bridges and slabs. Typically used for cutting large openings and surface repairs where fast cutting speeds are required..

We are able to cut through reinforced concrete and asphalt road surfaces upto 500mm deep, allowing for the forming of trenches, openings and for demolition removal purposes. The cutting of concrete expansion joints is also available upto 12mm wide. We can also cut sections and lift if required, reducing the amount of breaking and dust.

Using the latest Diesel, Gas & 415 volt electric machines we can effectively and efficiently floor saw anywhere in the UK including London.

• Purpose built floor saws with diesel, pertol or electric power sources
• Blade types and power requirements to suit every application
• Smooth cut face (little or no making good required)
• Capable of cuttng depths up to 500mm
• Fast cutting speed over flat surfaces
• Used to remove large areas of concrete
• Precise cut depths



Diamond floor sawing can be both a noisy and a dusty job but don’t worry our fully trained (CSCS) employed staff can effectively manage all your requirements.

We offer an efficient & professional service and always look to keep the dust and noise to an absolute minimum.