Diamond Wire Sawing

The versatile and fast cutting method is typically used for extracting large sections of heavily reinforced concrete. Ideally suited where reinforced or complex sections are encountered for example: bridge sections, columns and beams.

We offer an efficient & professional service and always look to keep the dust and noise to an absolute minimum, our fully trained (CSCS) employed staff can effectively manage all your requirements.

A Diamond Wire Saw is able to cut even the thickest sections of construction material, smoothly in a quiet and timely manner, a beaded diamond wire is fed at high speed through a series of pulleys whilst a constant pulling force is applied. The wire can cut through most constructions materials including heavily reinforced concrete.

With over 20 years experience and conveniently located within the midlands why not put us to the test ?

• Removal of large and complex concrete structures
• Horizontal, vertical and angled cuts
• Confined space working
• Fume free and low noise
• Almost unlimited depths
• Fast cutting
• Smooth cut face

If you require wire sawing anywhere in the East Midlands or anywhere in the UK all we ask is that you give us a call to discuss your requirements. No matter how big, small or unusual the work is with our years of experience we can help.